Stir Father variety dance band

Rock out! STIR FATHER is the best choice for a big time party!

The Rock/Funk/Dance Band is the one you want to take your event to the next level! This 6-piece group plays great dancing music from the 50's all the way up to the present, and gets people up off of their seats! High-energy tunes sung by any of four different lead vocalists for great variety. We can expand to a 7, 8, or even 9-piece band for large stages!

Check out our two variety videos and have a listen to our audio set below.  Just click on any arrow. It is recommended to listen to these tracks and the above video on high-quality speakers or in headphones for the full experience!

Click here to see the band's current playlist:  STIR FATHER complete playlist

Check out our specialized late 1960's tribute video: STIR FATHER 60's Band

Check out our all-80's Tribute video here:  STIR FATHER 80's Tribute

Add the incredibly talented Hollywood Horn section to STIR FATHER for a completely awesome sound!

Stir Father at the Four Seasons Biltmore.